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Desiree Cannon is an Oakland-based country-folk musician with roots in the Bay Area and the ranch lands of San Benito County. Her songs have grown out of a childhood spent listening to old country cassettes and reading western novels at her grandpa’s cattle ranch, and have matured into the heartbreaking ballads and soulful anthems that are relevant in present-day Oakland. Desiree pays tribute to the spirit of both the country and folk traditions, crafting music that is as vulnerable as it is strong-willed and fierce – she sings with the raw truth of the country greats, and the emotional depth of the often forgotten folk heroes. Her songwriting is intimate and nostalgic, her voice thick with heartache, and her music reminiscent of all the beautiful losers that have existed for the sake of the song.

In her debut release, Beach Sleeper, Desiree Cannon leaves everything on the studio floor - the studio, in this case, is the living room of a 1920s Oakland house littered with records and a variety of 1970s and 80s analog recording equipment. She invites you in, offers you a glass of whiskey, and then proceeds to read every page of her diary from the last 10 years and burn each one in the brick fireplace. The recording of Beach Sleeper was an extension of her life, which these days is lived mostly between the industrial shoreline and the dimly-lit corners of Oakland. The album was recorded with friends, in a comfortable space, with a focus on capturing a true experience. Beach Sleeper is all sides of Desiree's songwriting and spirit: the sparse country ballad, "Low Flyin' Angel", the soulful 50s heartbreak anthem, "Oh Darlin", the haunting psychedelic saga, "Train Man," and the heavy, yet sparkling, "Mountain Lion Mama". The album is heart-worn, complicated, and raw - it's recommended for anyone who understands the complexity of human emotion and isn't afraid to cry.

Beach Sleeper is produced by Desiree Cannon & Nate Mahan (Shannon & the Clams), recorded to 1/2-inch tape by Kit Center (Long Road Society), mixed by Greg Ashley (The Creamery), and features instrumentation by Mahan, Will Sprott, Elias Reitz, Patrick Murphy, & Aviva Lipkowitz.


Desiree Cannon - Beach Sleeper Cover

Low Flyin' Angel

Oh Darlin'

Train Man

Mountain Lion Mama


"Porta Costa"
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